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MAXLIFE - RE/MAX together with Larger than Life Foundation

Larger than Life

The “Larger than Life” organization was established in 2000 as a non-profit by parents of children with cancer. Their goal is to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of children with cancer and of their families, with no consideration of religion, race, or gender.

The vision

Supporting children and their families from the moment of diagnosis to recovery, creating significant change in the lives of children and their families through happy experiences and ongoing improvement of quality and conditions of medical care. One example of this are year-round activities that “Larger than Life” holds for children and their families designed to give sick kids the will and strength they need to continue fighting and overcome this terrible disease.

A boy in a shirt of larger-than-life holds a deep pink balloon and a hot air balloon behind him

RE/MAX Israel fundraises
for children fighting cancer

From the day RE/MAX Israel was established, we have always believed that cooperation paves the way to success. It is therefore a natural step to harness that power to move mountains, helping those around us. This year, we have collaborated with “Larger than Life,” an organization aimed at creating moments of joy, hope, and healing. 

We call on everyone to bring forth the compassion, ambition, and means at our disposal to make a real change in the lives of hundreds of children that the organization supports. At the end of the day, giving is the real success. 


The principle of collaboration

RE/MAX Israel considers the collaboration with “Larger than Life” part of an ongoing vision of commitment of outreach to the community.

With this goal, we conduct the following activities:


  • Donation events for the organization in RE/MAX Israel's conferences, which are held twice a year
  • Possibility of donating from RE/MAX agents' and brokers' real estate transactions.
  • Certifications of appreciation sent to customers for donations given through real estate transactions 
  • Coordinating between RE/MAX offices and Larger than Life's representatives to conduct specific volunteering activities
  • Launch a joint mini-brand appearing in RE/MAX advertisements and in personal advertisements of agents and brokers that choose to do so. 



RE/MAX Israel and "Larger than Life” award certificates of appreciation to the most generous agents and brokers.



MAXLIFE Silver - Total annual donation of minimum ILS 1,000
MAXLIFE Gold - Total annual donation of minimum ILS 2,500
MAXLIFE Platinum - Total annual donation of minimum ILS 5,000



MAXLIFE Silver - Total annual donation of minimum ILS 2,000
MAXLIFE Gold - Total annual donation of minimum ILS 5,000
MAXLIFE Platinum - Total annual donation of minimum ILS 10,000

* Donation totals of brokers are calculated according to their personal contribution (not the accumulated sum of their office's agents)


We are proud of RE/MAX Israel’s contribution to “Larger than Life”'s important mission and call on anyone capable of taking part in the efforts to promote this crucial goal.


Bernard Raskin, Aliza Friedland and another agent

Join our community of donors

We invite you to join the many RE/MAX members who donate some of their commissions to “Larger than Life”. Donating for each transaction you close is a double win for you:

  1. The money you donate goes directly to such an important cause —helping children fighting cancer and helping their families
  2. RE/MAX Israel provides customers a certificate (with customer names) notifying them of the money donated through their commission 

Want to donate to “Larger than Life” – Improving the Quality of Life of Israeli Children with Cancer?
You can donate right now with ease to this noble cause

It's no wonder we're #1!

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