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RE/MAX offers you the chance to create your own business, but not alone.
How do you become a professional, skilled, and successful real estate agent, fulfilling your financial potential? We have the answers.
You don’t need prior real estate experience to start working with one of our offices and start building your business.
This is the time to join Israel’s largest real estate company as an independent agent.

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You can’t argue with success!

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The global RE/MAX brand sells 1.6 new franchises each day—and the next one can be yours.
This is good news; with over 100 offices across the country, RE/MAX is the leading real estate brokerage network in Israel, and this is exactly the right time for you to become a part of our success!
We invite you to join Israel’s largest real estate franchise as an independent broker-owner.

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Want to know how far your independent real estate career can go?

Download the RE/MAX Three Growth Paths for Agents brochure

Want to know how far your independent real estate career can go?
Fill in your contact info and we will send you our:
RE/MAX Three Growth Paths for Agents brochure

The real estate school of RE/MAX Israel

Learning real estate from the very best

We are proud to present you with the opportunity to get a real inside look into Israel’s leading real estate school, focused on only one goal: training and instructing the best real estate agents in the country. Our years of experience have proven that long-term success in a challenging business demands knowledge, acquired skills, and a true commitment to learning—and that is exactly what we provide!

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אנחנו שמחים לדעת כי ברצונך להירשם לסדנא שלנו! יש למלא פרטים מלאים בכל השדות בדף זה. חשוב לזכור, מילוי טופס זה אינו מבטיח את הרשמתך. אישור הרשמה, במידה ויש מקום בסדנא, יישלח אליך לכתובת המייל שציינת.

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12 installments!

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Israel's leading real estate course - now at an unbeatable price!

43% less

Preparation for the realtors test

The course that will get you super prepared for the upcoming real estate licensing exam!


Your business—you’re in control!

Anyone can try immediately and at no cost!

CONTROL - The ultimate system to empower your real estate business, including hundreds of tutorial videos on a range of subjects, online courses and certification training, thousands of files to download, help in establishing your own website, and launching digital campaigns. The added value the system provides boosts your abilities to control and manage your business at any time and from any place.

You can’t argue with success

RE/MAX Israel, the largest international real estate company in Israel, offers a world of possibilities with 100+ agencies and 1,200+ agents. RE/MAX handles buy and sell transactions for secondhand properties and new developments.
In RE/MAX, you can start a new independent career as an agent or broker, and undergo unique training in the RE/MAX real estate school.

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For six years running 1000+ online agents with a house and two people holding a balloon Over 100+ agencies nationwide and a map of the Land of Israel with red dots of remix places Over 5000+ exclusive properties and a house with a sign for sale
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It's no wonder we're #1
Meet our top performer agents and broker-owners.
These are the people proving that you can’t argue with success!
August 2022
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