Quick Start Course

Your springboard to the world of real estate

Quick Start, Israel's leading real estate course, invites you to learn from the best how to set up a winning business in real estate with unparalleled power!

A practical, intense training, based on the daily activities and routines of the industry's leading professionals.

All the systems, techniques, tips and tools that form your springboard to potential success – don’t miss out!

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Quick Start is comprised of practical knowledge that applied daily by leading real estate agents in Israel and around the world.

We are happy to offer you direct access to dozens of years of experience and thousands of success stories.

Among the contents covered:

  • Goal setting and business management
  • 10 different techniques for lead generation
  • Getting exclusive listings
  • Marketing listings – basic and advanced
  • Working with buyers and negotiation skills
  • Investors and rentals unit
  • Improving performance unit
  • Service and systems unit
  • Technology tools unit
  • And more – for the full list click here
  • And yes – all content, including 48 classroom hours + 5 VOD hours, are included in the price!


Course structure

The course includes 6 full day classroom meetings (9:00 – 17:00) at the RE/MAX Real Estate Academy in Shoham + more than 5 hours of advanced materials via VOD.

A total of more than 50 hours of precise knowledge for setting up a winning business in real estate.

One course – five different certifications!


All Quick Start graduates are entitled to 5 separate certifications:

  • ROSE - Residential Owners Service Expert
  • RPMS - Residential Properties Marketing Specialist
  • CARB - Certified Agent for Residential Buyers
  • ARIS - Accredited Rentals and Investors Specialist
  • Quick Start completion diploma – certified agent by RE/MAX Israel


Each certificate and each diploma provide you with an additional edge of expertise and differentiation with your customers, on your way to another listing and another transaction!

1. Module 1 – RE/MAX and me – Course Introduction
2.Module 2 – Business Management (Part 1)
3.Module 3 – Mental Toughness
4.Module 4 – Marketing
5.Module 5 – Lead Generation
6.Module 6 – Presentations
7.Module 7 – Property Pricing
8.Module 8 – Handling Objections
9.Module 9 – Marketing Exclusive Listings
10.Module 10 – Working with Buyers
11.Module 11 – Rentals and Investors
12.Module 12 – Systems and Customer Relations
13.Module 13 – Enhancing Performance
14.Module 14 – Business Management (Part 2)
15.Module 15 – Technological Tools
Four live training sessions for full implementation
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…and the perfect learning experience is on its way to you

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In RE/MAX, you can start a new independent career as an agent or broker, and undergo unique training in the RE/MAX real estate school.

6 years in a row 1000+ online agents with a house and two people holding a balloon Over 100+ agencies nationwide and a map of the Land of Israel with red dots of remix places Over 5000+ exclusive properties and a house with a sign for sale
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…and the perfect learning experience is on its way to you

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