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Want to have more exclusive listings??? We are happy to offer a fast-track course at no cost to upgrade your exclusive listings with seven online classes in VOD format available immediately. So go on, fill in your information and the course will be on its way to you!

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Why did we create the EXCLUSIVE Course? Great question, with two important answers:


  • The reputation of real estate agents in Israel is important to us because it impacts the business potential of all real estate professionals. We know well that getting and representing exclusive listings is the key to excellent customer services in our field. This is why we aspire to maximize the number of properties represented at this level in the country.
  • Yes, we want to impress you and give you a glimpse, at no cost, of the unique power of our training. We are sure the EXCLUSIVE Course will give you a lot of added value, but will also leave you wanting more…


Great, the time has come to get going. The entire course is available and waiting for you on VOD


Gil Lee-Ran
Gil Lee-Ran
Natasha Gluzman Hansab
Natasha Gluzman Hansab
Natasha and Gil have many years of experience in RE/MAX Israel, conducting various training courses in Israel and abroad. You can breathe easy; you are in good hands.
Seven content-packed meetings include how to prepare for a presentation with customers, how to differentiate yourself from other realtors and home owners, how to create added value to exclusivity with several powerful advantages, and how to conclude meetings with a line that ensures success. Fast, focused, and effective—on to the next exclusive listing!

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Fill in your information and the course will be on its way to you!

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בוודאי ימית מדהימה!!!!!!! אשמח להירשם אם יהיה קורס נוסף לייעול הצמיחה שלי והמשתתפים הם קבוצה מגובשת בהתלהבות הגעתי לא החסרתי תודה לכם ❤️
ולסיכום לקחתי המון כלים שאשמח להישתמש בכללי לא רק נדלן

מירב טובה ציפורי |
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בוודאי חוויה טובה ומלמדת וימית אלופה

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ולסיכום קורס,מקיף ממצה תורם המון תובנות והמון פתרונות

שלמה פיזיק |
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בוודאי המדריכה ימית ללא ספק מקצועיות ברמה אחרת .... גם שליטה מלאה בחומר וגם בדרך שבו היא מעבירה אותו מדהים ....אישיות מהממת 💗
ולסיכום לדעתי הקורס בעל ערך מוסף בכלל לחיים המקצועיים ולא רק לענף התיווך .....

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בוודאי המדריכה ימית
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RE/MAX Israel, the largest international real estate company in Israel, offers a world of possibilities with 100+ agencies and 1,200+ agents. RE/MAX handles buy and sell transactions for secondhand properties and new developments.
In RE/MAX, you can start a new independent career as an agent or broker, and undergo unique training in the RE/MAX real estate school.

6 years in a row 1000+ online agents with a house and two people holding a balloon Over 100+ agencies nationwide and a map of the Land of Israel with red dots of remix places Over 5000+ exclusive properties and a house with a sign for sale
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Begin the course now—at no cost

Fill in your information and the course will be on its way to you!

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