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Courses and training for RE/MAX agents

ROSE - Residential Owners’ Service Expert - RE/MAX

ROSE course graduates can proudly display their certification, proof of the time they have invested in acquiring knowledge and undergoing training, providing anyone selling a property in Israel with exceptional service—as befitting a business founded on its reputation.
This certification constitutes an integral aspect of the Quick Start course, including many diverse units, such as setting goals and managing a business, creating your geo-farm area, practicing scripts of phone conversations with sellers, successful presentations to get exclusive listings, CRM services and systems, and much more.
This certification cannot be acquired separately. It is part of the Quick Start course as getting exclusive listings is at the core of being a leading real estate business!

תעודה של הסמכת ROSE - תוכן התעודה לדוגמה:מומחה לשירות בעלי נכסים ,ROSE - Residential Owners’ Service Expert ,תעודה זו מעידה על הכשרה מקיפה בתחום מתן שירות מקצועי ללא פשרות לבעלי נכסים בתהליך מכירת נכסניתנה לישראל ישראלי רי/מקס שיא הפיסגה, נאות שמואל אפריל  2021 חתימות, תעודה זו אינה מהווה או מחליפה רישיון תיווך, על פי חוק המתווכים, על כל סוכן נדל"ן בישראל להחזיק ברשיון תיווך בתוקף.

Certification Content

Graduates with this certification, with intense study and endless practice, are fully proficient in the following subjects: 


  1. Establishing and specializing in a "real estate geo-farm" while conducting comparative marketing analysis for properties in the area
  2. Creating a supply and demand profile of the area, past and present, and acquiring extensive understanding of property pricing
  3. Ten different tactics to generate leads of sellers in a range of avenues 
  4. Precise conversation scripts for talking with sellers and offering attractive services 
  5. Full presentation for getting exclusive listings, including the full added value of professional real estate agents
  6. Dozens of techniques and scripts to manage objections and questions of owners
  7. Various follow-up techniques to promote customer relations prior to closing 
  8. Proven CRM systems that create the “wow” effect and build a business founded on its reputation


Your path to an independent real estate career starts now!

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