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CARB - Certified Agent of Residential Buyers

CARB certification provides an immediate advantage in one of the most interesting, rewarding, and competitive markets in Israel—real estate buyers. Graduates receive the information and tools that enable them to differentiate themselves accurately and thoroughly from other agents, build a business founded on its reputation, and of course present certification that proves their commitment to their business!

CARB graduates know how to handle potential buyers from the first conversation, gather information, select the right properties for showing, conduct effective tours, provide proposals, and yes—negotiate. This certification is included in the Quick Start course, but can be acquired independently, making it suitable for anyone interested in specializing specifically in working with buyers. You can gradually expand knowledge by completing additional units and earn full Quick Start certification.

תעודת CARB, תוכן תעודה לדוגמה:סוכן מוסמך לטיפול בקונים CARB - Certified Agent of Residential Buyers אנו גאים בך על הבחירה להעניק לרוכשי נדל"ן חווית קניה ייחודים באמצעות מיקוד ומומחיות ניתנה לשם לדוגמה, משרד לדוגמה, שם עיר, תאריך, חתימות, תעודה זו אינה מהווה או מחליפה רישיון תיווך, על פי חוק המתווכים, על כל סוכן נדל"ן בישראל להחזיק ברשיון תיווך בתוקף.

Certification Content

Graduates with this certification, with intense study and endless practice, are fully proficient in the following subjects: 


  1. Quick and accurate management of information systems and client details
  2. Conversation scripts full of added value to conduct effective first calls with potential buyers
  3. Comprehensive techniques to manage buyers, gather information, and sell agent services
  4. The art of touring a listing—How to transform every tour of a potential property into a real show
  5. Promoting quick proposals and managing negotiations to close deals
  6. Smart goal setting for a real estate business 
  7. Advanced methods and tools to create mental toughness to successfully manage an independent business
  8. Comprehensive services to work with and support buyers during and after the process


This certification can be completed separately at a cost of ILS 1,490 + VAT

Up to 10 credit card installments with no added interest

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Your path to an independent real estate career starts now!

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